--------- Profiles ---------
Coyote (C, N, M, S)
Doodlebug 440 Electric (M, S)
Doodlebug 440 Nitro (M, S)
Edge540 Profile (M, S)  (SL)
Excalibur by Dick Mathis (C, M, S, N-30)
Fancherized Twister  (M, S)
Fancherized Twister E.c. (M, S)
Griffon II  (M, S)
Gieseke Nobler Profile (M,S)
Jess-ter (S, M)
"JVL" Chipmunk Profile (M, S) (SL)
Kell Profile  (M, S)  Profile version of the Miss Kell
Mackey Profile (C, S, M, N-30)
Magician 15 (C, N, M, S)
Magician 35 (48") (C, N, M, S)
Medic (Click on the name to see more)
Old Fokker (S, M)
Ringmaster Deluxe (M)
Sakitumi Nitro version (M, S)
Sakitumi Electric version (M, S)  
Shark .15 (C, N, M, S)
Spacewalker (Nitro version) (M, S, SL)
Spacewalker (Electric version) (M, S, SL)
Stiletto 660 Profile Glow (M, S) Profile version of the Stiletto 660
Stiletto 660 Profile E.c. (M, S) Profile version of the Stiletto 660
Stuka (Dick Mathis) (Nostalgia30)
Trophy Trainer Glow (C, M, S)
Trophy Trainer E.c. (C, M, S)
--- O.T.S. --- --- Classic ---
Galloping Comedian (by "Red" Reinhardt)
El Diablo (by "Red" Reinhardt)
International Stunt Winner (by "Red" Reinhardt)
Williamson Ringmaster (see short kit list)
Thirteen (by John Ritner)
W.D.Z.  (see short kit list)
P-40 Black Tiger - Temporarily on hold(SL)
F-86 Saber (see short kits)(SL)
F5F Skyrocket (see short kit list)(SL)
JVL Chipmunk (Classic Stunt - 1969 Nat's winner)(SL)
Imperial Ringmaster
PT-19 (Hempstrought)(SL)
Spitfire (Sterling S-18)(SL)
--- Nostalgia 30 --- --- Built-up Profiles ---
Stiletto 660
Stunt Machine
Stiletto 35

Short Kit

Howard "Ike" (short kit)(SL)
Spectrum (short kit)


--- Profile Carrier --- --- Modern Stunt ---
Vintage Combat - the early years
(These kits are all made to order, so feel free to order as many as you like)
Big Iron
Combat Cat
Manx Cat IV  (Short Kit)
Rib-sets (Ribs & Plan):
>Hatchet (send email)


Future Combat Kits:
>Nemesis II (in the works)

--- Short kits and Rib sets ---

--- Tulsa Time Models --- (All profiles) ---
Short kits:
Agile Arrow
Challenger .15
Challenger 575
Edge 540 profile (SL)
Forerunner (N-30,M, S)  (under development)
F-86 Saber (SL)
F5F Skyrocket (SL)
Howard "IKE"(SL)
Manx Cat IV
Reactor (Re-release Sum-Fall 2018)
Spectrum 1979
Thirteen by John Ritner
Wee Duper Zilch
Williamson Ringmaster
Ribs & Plans:
Agile Arrow
Challenger .15
Challenger 575
Forerunner (plans not very detailed)


Little Legends

Coming soon:

T.T. Bearclaw
T.T. Hurricane(SL)
T.T. Stringmaster


Kits in the works:

Doodlebug580F (Flapped)
KA-10 Profile

Now Available:

T.T. Das Sport (SL)
T.T. G. Nobler Profile
T.T. Stuka (SL)
T.T. Wingmaster

March Sale: Supplies are limited

T.T.DasSport (March.Sale.Ribset)(SL)
T.T.Wingmaster (March.Sale.Ribset)
T.T.Stuka (March.Sale.Ribset)(SL)
--- Electric kits ---
--- profiles --- --- built-ups ---
Classic and Nostalgia kit designs can be flown in their designated event as well as modern events.
--- Rabe Short kits ---
Blue Sky Models Products
--- Building Notes (Our kit/s) ---
 --- Alignment Jig Set ---
Rib sets & Plans..
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