We wish to apologize in advance... due to the current shortage of balsa wood and 20-30% price increases for materials, our kits will also have a 20-30% price increase. In addition some kits may not be available at this time.

If any of our PayPal payment tabs shows an error or payments are being rejected or returned Please email us so we can correct the problem and help you complete your order...

*Also In light of wood shortage and wood price increases all kit prices will be updated to reflect the new material costs*

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La Donna (kit re-issued)  
--- Nostalgia 30 --- --- Built-up Profiles ---


Short Kit

Profile Carrier Kingfisher
Vintage Combat - the early years
(all are made to order)
--- Modern Stunt ---
Seafire (M, S)
Rib-sets (Ribs & Plan):
New offerings
Future Combat Kits:
--- Short kits ---
--- Previously Kitted by Tulsa Time Models ---
Short kits:

Available Now  (All are profiles)

Kits Coming soon... & Kits that are in the works...

T.T. Bearclaw
T.T. Hurricane
T.T. Stringmaster
Doodlebug580F (Flapped)
--- Rib sets --- *Special Sales*
Ribs & Plans:
Special Sales
All Vintage Combat kits


--- 1/2A Models --- --- Special Project Offerings ---

Plans :


Plans :

     Manx Cat 4+20 (Short Kit) Coming Soon!


--- Electric kits ---
--- profiles --- --- built-ups ---
Classic and Nostalgia kit designs can be flown in their designated event as well as modern events.
--- Rabe Short kits ---
Blue Sky Models Products
--- Building Notes (Our kit/s) ---
 --- Alignment Jig Set ---
Rib sets & Plans..
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Models I have built movies from my youth In Memory of my Father Desktop Background pictures
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Laser Cutting
Plans Plotting Service
We believe in and enforce the privacy of your files and
will not share your files with anyone unless you tell us to.

* Notice *                                                  All of our kits are available upon request and are made to order.

Please be aware that all kits take time to be made. Depending on our waiting list and current health condition most of our kits take 3-5 weeks to be made and ship. Arrival times vary from destination to destination. This is because we do not keep extra kits on the shelf or in stock. If we have a kit in stock it is most likely because of a failure to purchase kit request. Vintage combat kits usually ship with-in a few days of purchase. Actual delivery time will vary in accordance to our other kit/s already on our waiting list. We would also like to apologize for the additional fees, but we do not set the PayPal fees or make the prices for the shipping.


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