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International Stunt Winner International Stunt Winner


Spacewalker (down loadable PDF file)

Sneeker N/A
Stiletto 660
 (Over 300 photos but we had issues with our camera so our bldg photos are incomplete)
Bldg Photos only No Bldg notes
Galloping Comedian Galloping Comedian

Sweet Sweep

 Sweet Sweep Pictures only

Sweet Sweep Bldg notes
Trophy Trainer Trophy Trainer
Jess-ter Jess-ter
Old Fokker Old Fokker
Imperial Ringmaster Imperial Ringmaster
PT-19 PT-19
Spitfire Spitfire
(profile carrier/ sport profile)
(profile carrier/ sport profile)
La D' building notes are for reference only
La Donna La Donna
T-Square T-Square Building Notes
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