We are proud to announce that we have been asked by Tom Niebuhr to continue
production of some of the Blue Sky Models products, so we would like to start with
making the three designs available: the Hobo, the Roadrunner & the Roadrunner Profile.

~ taking Orders now for the waiting list ~

This is a description of the Hobo from one of the model forums.
The “Hobo”  Is a fast building Sport and Competition airplane with adjustable features that will enable it to do just about anything you
can dream up. Based on the “Top Hat” airfoil, the airplane is presented with two different fuselage layouts, and “kit bashing” is actually encouraged. Engines from .25 to .46 and electrics can also be used. 
There are several “Hobo” prototypes flying and all the design goals have been met. 
Construction is intentionally simple with no blocks to carve and an upright engine. 
The “Hobo” is an ideal step up from profiles. 

Price is coming soon!

To purchase please send all emails to: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com

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