Fancherized Twister Nitro

by Ted Fancher

(Ribs & Plan set)



“Fancherized Twister ribs and plan set.

this is a ribs and plan only set for our converted Fancherized Twister kit for use with glow engines. Please keep in mind that this is the same as the full nitro kit we offer only it is just the ribs and plan designed by Ted Fancher.



 The ribs will include building tabs on the T.E. end of the ribs so a wing jig is no longer required for assembly, includes folded CAD drawn plans


Price is: $50.00 plus shipping.

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Please allow 2-3 days for rib set to be made after payment has arrived.

Hardware "NOT" included.


All orders are to be emailed to:

*This is also available for Electric version; please specify preference in a backup - private email*


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