Agile Arrow

Jim Thomerson's “Agile Arrow” rib set and plans

Jim Thomerson has given us permission to provide ribs and plans for his
Agile Arrow, so we now have the rib sets and plans available for the
“Agile Arrow”.

These can be purchased separately or as a set. See pricing below

Prices are as follows

1-Rib set $60.00 (includes the very large main ribs and all
I-beam ribs and I-beam half ribs)

will be Shipped U.P.S. $14.00
2-Plans $20.00 (Folded)
Shipped $8.00

Web Special: Ribs & Plans Combo.

1 set each- Rib sets and rolled Plans
Shipped $88.00 total.

Due to the increase in shipping rates; shipping charges may differ at time of sale
please send emails to:
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It is with much sadness that we announce that
Jim Thomerson passed away; Jan-04-2015
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