by: Jack Sheeks

Looking for an F5F Skyrocket, We will be very happy to cut you a short kit, simply send us an email and we will fill your order immediately

The "F5F" Skyrocket is a Classic legal, Semi Scale looking design from 1964 by Jack Sheeks.

This is a completely laser cut short kit which will include all laser cut balsa and plywood parts and two full size sheets CAD drawn plans

Shipping fees are included in the total below. Please send all emails to: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com


Wing span 57.84"  |  Wing Area: 706.34 sq. in. with flaps

Eng. .35 -.40 (2-req'd)  |  Length: 35.6"

Engines, cowlings, canopy, landing gear, decals, hardware etc... are not included.



* Updated 2/15/2012 *

Plastic cowls are available from Park Flyer Plastics



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Short kit cost is: $175.00 plus shipping Amounts vary from coast to coast.
We ship anywhere in the u.s.a.
All other International shipping charges will vary and will apply to your desired country.


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