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 The "Forerunner" is a nice size profile stunter designed by Tom Farmer. Having been designed in 1978 the "Forerunner" is
also Nostalgia 30 legal. The "Forerunner" serves as a great step up model from some of the other profiles
that are currently available elsewhere. 

The specs are: W.S. 54.50" | W.A. 525 Sq. in. | Length 35.25" | Engine Size .46
With the excessive cost of foam wings, Tom Farmer has granted us permission to modify the wing, so...
 with his permission; we have decided to make the Forerunner with a built-up wing
plans progress
$65.00 all ribs & ply gear mount half ribs & 1 sheet plan (folded) plus shipping:
Shipping fees:
East of the Mississippi: $11.00
west of the Mississippi: $12.50
west coast states- all states touching the pacific ocean: $14.00
canada: $25.00 actual destination cost to be verified.


our Forerunner Rib sets & plywood half rib w/ plan will not include: any other laser cut parts, no plywood parts,
no Maple Mounts, Landing gear, L.E., T.E., Spars, sheeting, hardware or decals. Basically nothing but the balsa ribs and plan..

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