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by Dick Mathis


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 The “Coyote” is a Profile stunter that was designed by Dick Mathis. The “Coyote” is basically a triple threat profile stunt model for the competition flyer because it is legal for the Classic stunt event which can also be used in the new Nostalgia 30 Stunt event as well as in the Profile 40 stunt event and for the everyday fun/sport flyer. Since the Coyote is a flapless model, it is great for the beginner modeler also. An all around great choice for every area of the hobby/sport.  



The “Coyote” has a 36” fuselage and a 54" wingspan with 530 sq. in. of wing area and requires a .35-.46 engine (40 preferred). The “Coyote” kit will include 100% laser cut balsa and plywood parts, (1) 2 piece pre-bent wire landing gear and full size CAD drawn plans.


The ribs will include building tabs on them so a wing jig is not required for assemble.


The Coyote Kit price is: $139.99 plus $15.00 shipping.

(Anywhere in the CON-U.S.A.)

Due to the increase in shipping rates; shipping charges may differ at time of sale


The “Coyote” kit will "NOT" include any hardware


All orders are to be emailed to: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com

The kit will include some contest balsa and light - medium weight balsa.
There are a few minor updates that were made to the kit to modernize its construction; these upgrades are... the old style bellcrank mounting plate has been updated to a floating bellcrank type mount and for added  nose strength, the bottom maple mount has been extended slightly.


We also verified that the nose does in-fact have one inch balsa doublers on each side of the fuselage and no plywood doublers, so please be advised the prototype photos will differ slightly from how the kit will be received.


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Prototype building photos


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* Updated 5/31/2015 *       Kits are available upon request.

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