Profile Carrier or Sport
designed by: Larry Richards
Upgrades by: Walter Umland


100% laser cut parts  2 piece, 1/8" wire gear Full size CAD plans
AAA grade balsa laser cut - notched T.E. Birch plywood
Kit/Design Upgrades
Extended maple mounts, Wing spars added, Sheeted L.E., laser cut  and
pre-notched T.E. Plus we have slightly adjusted the appearance for a
more scale like tail outline.
For the sport flyer or competition profile carrier pilot.
Kit price: $115.00 plus $14.00 shipping (CONUS)
Due to the increase in shipping rates; shipping charges may differ at time of sale
To order your very own Kingfisher kit please send all emails to:
The kit includes medium weight balsa, not contest.
*Please be aware that most competitive carrier pilots make and install their own hooks and other carrier related hardware, so hardware is not included other than (one) split 1/8" wire landing gear, tail wheel wire and a plywood leadout guide (sport).*
Click here for building photos
Model show is the actual kit prototype built for the profile carrier event by: Darrell Rupnow
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