The Seafire



The Seafire and Spitfire are almost like twin sisters; in that our "Seafire" is in fact a new design

that was simply a converted Sterling Spitfire kit to have the look of a World War II Seafire.


The main changes and numbers made to the Seafire are credited to Dennis Adamisin.


 We are so pleased with our Spitfire that we decided to keep the overall shape of

the Seafire design to reflect that of the old Sterling Spitfire kit.


Wing span 55"

Wing Area: 568 sq. in. (with flaps)

Length: 39.25" (nose ring to rudder end)

Glow Fuel Eng. .29 -.35


Kit price: $230.00 Shipped anywhere in the u.s.a. (lower 48 states)
All other International shipping charges will vary and will apply to your desired country.

Due to the increase in shipping rates; shipping charges may differ at time of sale

Please Read.


Changes are: we lengthened the fuselage and made equal panel wings and modified the rudder

and fin to more reflect the Seafire. Please Note... this is not to say it is in any way scale.

 our "Seafire" kit is a slightly modified version of our Sterling Spitfire kit

to look similar to, or in other words, just a look alike of the Seafire.


The Seafire kit primarily is a nitro engine kit, but is geared towards the use of Electric powered

motors while at the same time staying loyal to the nitro powered modeler.


This kit includes parts to build as an electric powered stunter by simply swapping out the

maple mounts and forward plywood nose ring and bulkheads that are used for nitro power

with the optional electric power nose parts provided in the kit.


* Updated 9/2014 *                              supplies are limited, so if you missed getting kit there's still a chance to get a kit. Don't miss out again or you will have to get on the next waiting list.


Waiting List.

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 Shown below are pictures of sheets #1 & #2 of the kit.


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