Super Satan
 It's Back!!! We're Re-Issuing Larry Scarinzi's Super Satan

Kit includes:
"All" Laser cut balsa ribs, leading edge sheeting, trailing edge sheeting and more...
All laser cut plywood parts: Booms, Bellcrank mount &  L.E. shaping jigs
Maple mounts, music wire hinges and CAD drawn plans.
Super Satan Specs
    W.S.:39" | W.A.: 301.07 | Eng. Combat .35-.36
    Designed 9/1967 By: Larry Scarinzi
    AutoCad By: Steve Berry (2019)
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    Kit price: $75.00 Plus S&H (U.S.A. only)

    Suggested Retail  $90.00 plus S&H

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    (Temporarily sold in U.S.A. only)

    The Super Satan is a vintage fast combat model and will NOT include contest balsa.
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