Stiletto 35
Send us an email if you're interested in getting a Stiletto 35 kit.
The Stiletto 35 is one our newest kit for 2015 and Les McDonald has graciously
given us his approval to produce a kit of his 35 size Stiletto.
If you are seriously interested in a 35 size Stiletto
Please send an email to get on the list for one of these Stiletto 35 kits.
Send emails to:
Hardware and or Control system not included
Kit price is only: $235.00 Excluding shipping and PayPal fees.
(See below for the total Kit price with the shipping and PayPal fees.)

Due to the increase in shipping rates and material costs; all kit prices will vary
and all shipping charges will differ from location to location.
The 35 size Stiletto prototype has been built by Kenny Stevens.

Before website discount pricing; Suggested Retail Price is: $270.00 not including shipping

All orders are to be emailed to:

The Stiletto kits take 4-5 weeks to make because we do not keep extra kits on the shelf.
Actual delivery time will vary in accordance to our other kit/s waiting list.
Sorry but we do not set the PayPal fees or make the prices for the shipping.

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