*UPDATE*      We are now taking orders for the future kit of the KA10 profile. We will be offering this kit as an Electric or a Nitro version, so feel free to send us an email to order your kit today...

KA-10 Nitro or Electric

by Walter Umland


Photo shown is of the original built-up model plans
that we have been referencing for our profile kit.


We've taken Anatoly Kolesnikov's KA-10 and converted it to a profile


We are making this for use with a nitro engine and also for use with

electric motors.


The KA10 will be similar as originally designed but as a Profile.


 Nitro-.46-.51 engine | Electric Motors equal to nitro engine sizes.
41.4474" Fuselage Length (Nose Ring - Tail Block/Rudder T.E.)
57.9047" W.S. | W.A. w/ Flaps: 606.8664 sq. in.

W.A. w/o Flaps: 512.3552 sq. in.



 With just about a 41.50 fuselage and almost a 58.50" wingspan giving over 606 sq. in. of wing area to the KA10 and will require your choice of Nitro or electric power.


Your choice Glo or electric motor equivalent to any modern day .46-.51 engine. The KA10 kit will include 100% laser cut balsa and plywood parts.  The kit will include a pre-bent wire landing gear and CAD drawn plans. The ribs will include building tabs on them, so a wing jig will not required for assembly. 


Kit price is to be determined plus $ shipping.

(Anywhere in the CON-U.S.A.)


our KA10-E.c kit is a new kit we have been working on and off

since 2013. Release date to be in early to mid 2019


Hardware "NOT" included.

Please allow 2-3 weeks for kit to be made after payment has arrived.


All orders are to be emailed to: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com

Kit will include some light weight contest- medium weight balsa.



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