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EDGE 540   Profile

By Walter Umland


Prototype built & finished by Dennis Lipsett...


The “EDGE 540” profile is a modern flapped profile stunter designed by Walter Umland.


The “EDGE 540” profile kit includes:

All AAA grade balsa, laser cut balsa and plywood parts, pre-bent 2 piece split wire landing gear, Balsa wheel pants, wheel pant mounts, adjustable weight box, adjustable lead-out guide and a full size CAD drawn plan.


The “EDGE 540” profile can be made as either the single or two seat version by simply cutting the wood canopy shorter. (Both canopy outlines are shown on the plan).


The “EDGE 540” profile is a "larger" size profile stunter for a .46-.60 . A strong .46 can be used however we strongly recommend using a .51 -.60 (.51 suggested.)

Power: .46-.60 engine. |  Length: 38.5” Profile fuselage

Wingspan: 55.5”-56" |  Wing area: 654 sq. in.


Control system, aluminum landing gear, covering, glue, engine, tank,

wheels and other hardware, are not included.


“EDGE 540”Kit Price: $200.00 plus shipping.

Int'l shipping charges will apply, send email with country/destination for pricing.


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Edge540 Profile kit

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