*UPDATE* We are taking orders for the Electric version of the Fancherized Twister kits, so feel free to send us an email to order your kit today...

Fancherized Twister E.c.

by Ted Fancher



We've taken Ted Fancher's “Fancherized Twister” and converted it for use with Electric motors. This kit is the same as the nitro kit we offer only it is an electric version of the kit designed by Ted Fancher.



 The “Fancherized Twister-E.c” is a flapped Profile model with a 34.50” fuselage and a 48.50" wingspan with 490 sq. in. of wing area and requires an electric motor equivalent to any modern day .25-.40 engine. The “Fancherized Twister-E.c” kit will include 100% laser cut balsa and plywood parts.  The kit includes a 2 piece pre-bent split wire landing gear and CAD drawn plans. The ribs will include building tabs on them so a wing jig is not required for assemble. 


Kit price is: $185.00 plus S&H (depends on your location)
International shipping fees will be applied.
Shipping rates are estimated and may increase at time of actual shipment..


our “Fancherized Twister-E.c” kit is NOT a copy of the Sig Twister kit with the kit bash  mod's added. our "Fancherized Twister-E.c” is a new kit authorized  and approved by Ted Fancher of his Fancherized Twister”.


Hardware "NOT" included. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks for kit to be made after payment have arrived.


All orders are to be emailed to:


Kit will include some light weight contest- medium weight balsa.

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* Updated 7/7/2019 *       Kits are available upon request.

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