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It's Here!!! By Special Request… We're Adding The Voodoo To Our Special Request Offerings...
Designed by Riley Wooten.
The Voodoo has countless contest victories and has earned and maintained its reputation in fast combat for many years and is one of the vintage combat favorites still today. 
This special kit offering is 100% laser cut including the
new laser cut leading edge.
This 100% laser cut kit of Riley Wooten’s Voodoo.
The Voodoo has a constant cord asymmetrical wing with twin booms and a stabilator.
Mainly used for Vintage Combat The Voodoo also makes a really fun weekend flyer.
Has a 36" Wingspan and a Wing Area of 331 Sq. in. for a .19-.35 engine
includes all laser cut parts, maple engine mounts and CAD plans.
Magazine and decal found on the internet

Kit price: $85.00 plus S&H (Depends on your location).
All International Postage charges will apply to out of U.S.A. including Canadian orders.

Retail price: $100.00 plus S&H

Shipping rates; PayPal Fees are included in the price below

The Voodoo is a vintage fast combat model and will not include contest balsa.


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