Profile JVL Chipmunk

Jim VanLoo has approved the project idea and has personally given us his blessings for a
redesign and the production of this kit which will also have his signature digitally printed on the plans.
Our new Jim VanLoo Chipmunk Profile will have a built up wing and a profile fuselage. Although this is a new model, it is a redesign of Jim VanLoo's 69 Nat's winning classic Chipmunk stunter with a Profile fuse and a built-up wing.
Jim VanLoo won the 1969 Nat's with his #3 prototype of his original foam wing, full bodied Chipmunk stunter, so we made this nice size profile stunter with a built-up wing. The Profile Chipmunk will serve as a great step up model for your building and flying skills from some of the other profiles that are currently available elsewhere. With Jim VanLoo's permission, we decided to make the Profile Chipmunk with a built-up C-tube wing.

Kit features:
Built-up C-tube wing, Wing sheer webs, Fuse mounted profile wire gear, Adj. lead-out guide,
Adj. weight box, Balsa wheel pants, CAD drawn plans and laser cut balsa and plywood parts.
Laser cut plywood half ribs are also  included for the "optional" wing mounted gear.
(wing mounted landing gear and gear blocks are not included)

Shown on the plans are the wing mounted landing gear as an "Option", this shows where the landing gear would go if mounted in the wing. Also provided with the kit is a set of laser cut plywood half ribs for the specific wing mounted gear ribs and marked ribs, so if wing gear is desired you can buy or bend the wing gear and make the changes themselves, but the wing mounted landing gear and gear blocks are not be included.

W.S. 55.50"  |  W.A.  576.35 SQ. IN.  |  LENGTH 38 3/4"  | ENG. .35-.46 (glow)
Electric version available Fall of 2014
click on the photo to see the prototype under construction



Kit price is $180.00 (each) plus S&H (Depends on your location)
The kit does not include any hardware, decals or wheel pants.
Add balsa wheel pants for as low as $15.00 with kit.
 Wheel pant mounts are also available
(See prices with shipping charges and PayPal fees in the drop down box below)
International shipping to Canada and All other countries to be shipped 1st class U.S. Mail.
(All fees are included in the total below)
All kits are made after payment has been received.
Control system, hardware, covering, glue, motor, battery, wheels, wheel pants, etc., are NOT included.

Kit orders are Gladly accepted
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Due to the increases in balsa and shipping rates; total cost/charges may differ at time of sale,
so please email us for current pricing.

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