*** The "Doodlebug 440 E.c." version kits are available upon request...  Just send us an email to the email address listed below. ***

In Memory of
"Wild" Bill Netzeband
Electric Conversion
In Memory of
John Lowry
 We have taken over production of the Doodlebug kit series that were previously kitted by the late John Lowry. We're starting with the Doodlebug 440. The great thing is now you can get your Doodlebug 440 for either a Nitro eng. or an Electric motor.


Designed and drawn by "Wild" Bill Netzeband 9/25/02
Precision Aerobatic for .25 to .35 engines
W.A. 440.79 sq. In. | W.S. 36.75" | Length: 33.62"

 The electric motor to use should be equivalent to a .25 engine.

All laser cut balsa and plywood parts & CAD drawn plans

Material types:
3 ply birch ply with a combination of mostly light-medium weight balsa with some contest balsa
Kit price: 118.00 plus S&H (Depends on your location).
Due to the increase in shipping rates; Int'l shipping charges may differ at time of sale.
You can order your Doodlebug 440 for a .25-.35 size nitro engine or
for an Electric motor (equivalent to a .25 size)

To order your Doodlebug 440 Electric conversion kit please send all emails to: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com

Click here for the Doodlebug 440 Nitro version kit

Hardware not included

    Aki Danjo; of Japan did a beautiful job when he built his  Doodlebug 440 (nitro version)
    from our kit. Aki, made one modification to his by changing the wire landing gear
    that we supply with the kit to an aluminum gear.

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      Updated 02/11/2021 Kits are available upon request. Thank you
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