Jim VanLoo Chipmunk
Prototype #3


If you missed getting one of these awesome kits during the reissue run then we'll just have to make one for you.. send us an email to order yours today....


Jim VanLoo and John Brodak have graciously granted us the privilege of allowing us to
re-issue the JVL Chipmunk with a redesigned built-up wing. 
The new kit with the built up wing of  Jim VanLoo's 1966-1969 classic full bodied Chipmunk stunter
redesigned to have a built-up wing instead of foam.
Jim VanLoo won the 1969 Nat's with his #3 prototype which had a foam wing.
We made this re-issued kit that Jim has authorized us to make with a built-up wood wing.

W.S. 55 1/2" - W.A. 565 Sq. in. - Length: 44" - Req. Eng: .35-.46

Jim VanLoo has approved the use of a built up wing and has personally given us his blessings for
the production of this kit which will also have his signature digitally printed on the plans.
If you are seriously interested please send an email to get one (or more) of these re-issued
Classic full bodied Chipmunk stunt kits. Please send emails to: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com
Kit features:
Built-up C-tube wing, Wing sheer webs, Wing mounted landing gear, Adj. lead-out guide, Adj. weight box,
Balsa wheel pants, CAD drawn plans and laser cut balsa and plywood parts. Laser cut plywood half ribs for wing mounted gear,
Landing gear and wing mounted gear blocks are included.
Kit price: $225.00 plus S&H (Depends on your location).
All payments must be received before a kit is made for you to receive a kit.
If you wish to send in your payment now it will be accepted and held until we get closer to
making the kits but please note the kits will not be released until they are ready.
Please contact us at: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com for payment details

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All orders are to be emailed to: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com


Control system not included

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