Designed by Gene Umbright in July of 1960.
The Missourian is an vintage legal fast combat ship. 

Kit is 100% laser cut

Kit includes:

Requirements & Specs

Maple motor mounts (modern style)
Full size CAD drawn plans
AAA grade balsa and Birch plywood
LASER cut balsa and plywood parts
30 wingspan
Requires .25 - .35 engine
290 Square inches of wing area.

Hardware not included


This is a 100% laser cut kit of the Missourian

Gene Umbright's Missourian was originally published in American Modeler in 7-1960
The Missourian has an elliptical flying wing, twin rudder, combat wing,
with a 30" span, 290 sq. in. CAD plans originally drawn by Barry Baxter and updated
for the kit by W. Umland.

Missourian kits available upon request.

Please send all emails to:
Kit Price: $80.00 plus S&H (Depends on your location).
All International Postage charges will apply to out of U.S.A.
including Canadian orders.

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