Stiletto 660

**SPECIAL UPDATE**                                                                                               The Stiletto 660 kits are our most favored kit, so we always make them when requested, so if you are seriously interested in getting a Stiletto 660 kit please don’t hesitate to order one.  Please keep in mind that these kits are made to order so it does take a few weeks before we can ship the kit. With that in mind feel free to order yours TODAY!.... see details below.   
This is a builders kit of the Stiletto 660. This is not an ARF or ARC
This is a full kit of the Les McDonald's two time World Championship winning Stiletto 660.
W.S. 59 1/2" - W.A. 660 Sq. in. - Length: 44"
Req. Eng: .46-.51 (.60 Opt'l)
Les McDonald's record of top wins:
1st PLACE, 1976/80 F.A.I. F2B, 1979 US F.A.I. TEAM TRIALS,
Les McDonald has overseen the project and has personally given his blessings for the production of this kit.
If you are seriously interested please send an email to get the last of these Stiletto 660 kits.
Send emails to: Email us for a Stiletto 660 kit

Kit features:

Adjustable lead out guide.
Adjustable weight box.
Removable 1/8 landing gear
Laser cut plywood and balsa gear hold downs/covers.
Building tabs on the ribs.
Semi-shaped balsa cowl blocks.
Semi-shaped balsa wingtip blocks.
“Optional” removable wing. (Removable Wing Not Tested)
The 3/8” top block has been changed to be lighter by assembling it using 2 - ¼” sticks and 1- 1/8 top sheet.
The top fuselage sheet is laser cut to to allow the turtle deck sides to be inserted into a track
for a much more uniform alignment (see part).
Crutch type nose construction.
Elevator horn adjustment access hatch.
Removable tail wheel wire and cover.
Laser cut and pre-slotted stab and elevator leading and trailing edges.
Custom made (specifically for the Stiletto) and pre-formed canopy.
Custom cut maple motor mounts (rotated grain to prevent mount splitting).
  • Kit price is: $295.00 plus S&H (Depends on your location).
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    All International orders must contact us before sending payment to see if your destination country
    will permit us to ship a Stiletto 660 kit to your location. This is because of the larger box size of the Stiletto 660 kit.

    Click the link below to view a picture of Les's original
    (Shown with wheel pants, however, wheel spats will be included not wheel pants)

    Stiletto 660 customer builds coming soon!

    Click here for a preview of the plans


    The Stiletto 660 kit Honors Fallen Soldier Johnathan B. Chism

    The Stiletto kits take 4-5 weeks to make because we do not keep extra kits on the shelf.
    Actual delivery time will vary in accordance to our other kit/s waiting list.
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    The Stiletto 660 kits take 6-8 weeks to arrive because we do not keep extra kits on the shelf.
    Actual delivery time will vary in accordance to our other kit/s already on our waiting list.
    We would also like to apologize for the additional fees, but we do not set the PayPal fees or make the prices for the shipping.
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