by: Jim Lynch

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To the left, Jim Lynch is holding
our kit prototype all finished and
ready for competition. Jim has flown this in several contest already and he has done very well with our kit.
Our "Volunteer" kit is a 1st time kit of Jim Lynch's beautiful Volunteer.
A relatively easy building stunt model with a built-up fuselage and functional flaps.
Designed in 1972 the "Volunteer" is a true winner for the Nostalgia30 stunt event.

Wing Span 53.125"
Wing Area 556.16 sq. in.
Length 37.32"
Eng. .35-.46

The "Volunteer" kit will include laser cut parts such as:

Balsa: Fuselage sides, built-up cowl (sides, front & bottom), weight box cover, wing ribs,
end bay wing sheeting, wingtips, leading and trailing edge center cores, trailing edge sheeting,
cross grain fuselage supports, spar and trailing edge sheer webs, flaps, flap & elevator gussets, fuselage formers,
rudder, landing gear wire spats, main landing gear wheel pants and
a tail wheel pant etc...

Plywood: split nose ring, air intake ring, fuse doublers, bulkheads, tank floor, landing gear
mounting plate, floating bellcrank mounts, tail wheel mount, adjustable leadout guide,
adjustable weight box with cover, .

The kit will also include:
Detailed full size CAD drawn plans, 1/2" solid contest balsa stab & elevators, pre-bent
1/8" landing gear wire, plastic canopy, tail wheel wire, all the sticks and wing sheeting,
cap strips, contest balsa leading edge sheeting, maple engine mounts etc...

Special kit features will include:
Crutch type nose, Tom Morris type leading & trailing edge construction,
wing assembly jig/fixtures, leading edge shaping jig and a
stab shape template.

*Contest balsa will be included for the appropriate parts.

Here's our kit prototype built by Jim Lynch
Shown below are three photos of the finished kit prototype & Jim showing off the bottom.
Volunteer kit is dedicated to the Staff Sergeant, Joseph Morris Baker (K.I.A. WWII - 4/15/1945) and
to all other servicemen and women, past present and future for defending our Freedoms.
Kit price including shipping is only: $235.00 plus S&H (Depends on your location).
(None Refundable)
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To order your Volunteer kit send payment above or send an email to: builtrightflyright@builtrightflyright.com
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