Wee Duper Zilch

    by Jim Saftig

Many have been asking for some designs to be offered as short kits, so here we go...

We are offering the Wee Duper Zilch as a short kit.

Keep in mind this will not come in a normal kit box, these will come in a priority mail box. They will not include sticks, no sheeting, no gear, no canopy and no mounts; in other words no glitz, and no glitter.

What you will get is ďallĒ the laser cut parts to build the model and a full size set of CAD drawn plansÖ

ďAllĒ the laser cut parts consists of the following:
2- wing tip center cores, 1- stab, 2- elevator halves, 1- stab support, 1- tail skid support,

1- rudder, 1- fin, 2- fuselage sides, 2- plywood bulkheads , 18- ribs, 2- optional fuse doublers,
2- optional bulkheads (for use with optíl doublers), 1- full size set of CAD drawn plans (folded)


Price including shipping is: $60.00 plus S&H (Depends on your location).
International shipping charges will be applied

Please send all emails for this short kit to:

The Wee Duper Zilch is an .09 version of the Zilch X which has a fairly thick airfoil for its size.

Wingspan 34.5" Wing Area 251 Sq.In. Engine .071-.09

Designed by JIM SAFTIG - Published 4/1951 M.A.N. so this is actually O.T.S. legal

included parts
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CAD plans
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Our New CAD plans show conversion to electric.
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