lay out the plans, then start punching out the spar parts. Lay a 60" straight edge/ruler on your workbench as a guide to assemble the main spar straight; then tape spar to ruler.
remove the inner pieces and use as a guide to properly align the spar & doubler and then epoxy in doubler in place but only on one side.
add weight (as shown above) and let epoxy cure. While the spar/doubler cures prepare the bellcrank mount.
Epoxy the balsa B.C. cores to one ply B.C. doubler. Leave a 1/8" space between the balsa core pieces. Use the B.C. pivot shaft for proper spacing. Once done, add the 2nd plywood B.C. doubler and remove B.C. pivot shaft. let cure. Do not install BC mount at this time.

* The leading edge is constructed by first joining two pieces of the laser cut 1/16"x 3/8" balsa center cores.

main spar is now ready

Join the two pieces of 7/16" x 1/4" balsa and then glue to the top and bottom, on both sides of the wing sand to shape as shown on the plans.

L.E. center cores, mark parts center and tip ends before removing from sheet . 

Start assembly of the L.E. center cores by using the straight edge that was used to assemble the main spar and repeat the same assembly process.

With the center core marked and ready and without removing it from the straight edge add the first piece of 1/4" x 7/16" balsa on to the top of the center core. Be sure you leave the small notches exposed and also make certain to leave it attached to the ruler so this remains straight or the L.E. will not be straight and true and will surely cause a warp.

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