Stiletto 660 E.c. Profile...

Electric Prototype built and finished by: Marcus Cordiero of (Brazil)
Here's where the final color scheme
and lettering all come together.
N-, AMA-, USA- or any other countries designation will replace the BRA- shown here in the photos
The graphics package shown are available for an additional $35.00 U.S. ($40.00 for mask) plus postage/shipping.


The graphics package includes: text and numbers
1- small text- "Profile"
1 large text- "Stiletto 660"
1- set of numbers (up to 6 numbers)
1-large text, ex: Bra, AMA, USA, JPN, etc.
When ordering you must specify; country code and desired color of vinyl or mask
*Checkerboards and side strips are not included with graphics package.*
*The skull & cross bones were a decal found by the builder in Brazil, so they are not included and are not available with graphics package *
If you are seriously interested please send an email to get the last of these Stiletto 660 kits.

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