The Jess-ter is a new aerobatic beginners profile model that was designed in 2006 to look like an old 1940's

racer like the old time stunt design of "Red" Reinhardt's "Galloping Comedian".

The flaps are actually considered the trailing edge and are stationary but can

be made moveable with the use of cloth type hinges if desired.

Can also be for use in the Profile stunt or Profile 40 event.


The Jess-ter is a fun fly/Sport profile model and is not

a Galloping Comedian just made to look like it therefore it is not O.T.S. eligible.


Introducing the


Wing span 49"
Wing area  460 sq. in (approx)
Eng. .25 -.35 (.40 optional)
Fuselage length 28.3/4"
Pre-bent (2 pc.) wire landing Gear, Tail skid,
CAD Plans and pre-bent elevator joiner wire is included
Hardware Not Included:
Kit Price.. $110.00 plus shipping
Changes that were made from the Galloping Comedian to make the Jess-ter are as follows;
Fuselage changed into a profile.
Added balsa tripler.
built-up rudder changed to a flat sheet rudder.
Two piece wire landing gear.
Additional wing bay to each wing
changed wing to have equal panels.
Shortened wingtip material to compensate for the added bays
Lengthened flaps to match the wing changes
Changed spar type to standard materials
Added sheer webbing
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Jess-ter Vinyl graphics set is optional and may be purchased separately
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