The "Jess-ter" building photos were taken during the actual construction of the prototype to make sure the parts fit correctly for the kit and to be able to write some basic construction guidelines.

* A couple of  suggestions and things to keep in mind*

  • Although laser cut parts are normally precise,  it is always a good idea to double check the fit of the parts.

  • The "Jess-ter" wing may be built on a rod type wing jig or on a flat surface. To ensure proper construction, prepare your building surface making sure it is straight and true if building directly on your bench . Once the work surface is straight and true place the plans on work surface and secure. 

  • When using a rod type jig check alignment of the ribs to the plan while on the jig. Once your ribs are lined up over the plans you can start building.

  • The "Jess-ter"  has plywood doublers as well as a balsa tripler on the inboard side of the fuselage so you may want to lighten it up a little, trim as much as possible without sacrificing any strength .

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