Laser Cutting Service

If you have CAD ( .dwg, .dxf ) file (saved in auto CAD 2000 format)
or a Corel file and need parts cut,
or if you need parts files made, we can help.

Reasonable rates, discounts for multiple quantities.
All CAD files (.dwg or .dxf ) must be saved in auto CAD 2000 format.

please contact us for details "click here"

Plans Plotting Service

If you have a AutoCAD, Corel file or PDF file of your plans and
need them plotted, we can help.
reasonable rates, discounts for multiple quantities

please contact us for details "click here"

If you are a Dick Sarpolus fan and want parts cut for his designs,  we have been granted permission to cut short kits and parts for any of the Dick's creations.

Watch the laser in action
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laser cutting for other modelers
We believe in and enforce the privacy of your files and
will not share your files with anyone unless you tell us to.
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